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Who we are

As a child, I used to anxiously wait for summer to arrive as that was the time of year when my mother used to invite tourists and travellers to spend time with us near the sea. I still recallhappy memories of playing in the garden with my new friends. In the evening my mother, (“Signora Maria” to our guests), was always ready to lay an extra place at the table for anyone who wanted to stay for dinner. At the end of the summer our guests had become our friends and we always felt a little sad when they finally had to leave.

When we built our large new house in the garden I decided to add a guest room. I thought it would be a good idea to have friends over and relive those long-cherished childhood memories.

I could welcome tourists from all over the world and fill their suitcases with good memories. Not only could they admire the beauty of the sea and Vesuvius from the dining room window, but they could also experience all the happiness and kindness of a typical Neapolitan family. I decided to pursue this dream and re-live that very special role that my mother had once held.

When my son recently graduated I involved him in this project. Pasquale loves travelling and meeting new people so he was very happy to help. The rest of our family initially had a few doubts but then supported us wholeheartedly. And that is how we started.
We opened for the first time in June 2001 and we have been more successful than we could have ever imagined